The office conducts the operations of the Management Board and the Association by inspiring and undertaking activities for the benefit of SFG and by providing complete service to the Management Board, the Auditing Committee and the Project Selection Committee in administrative, financial and organisational matters.

SFG office address:

Przewłoka, ul. Ustecka 8
76-270 Ustka
tel. +48 59 307 07 57
tel. +48 516 559 181

Office open:

Monday – Friday 7:30 – 15:30


Aleksandra Klimczuk – SFG Office Director

Grażyna Grabka SFG – Office Vice Director

Ewelina Szulc- Older Project Specialist

Magdalena Kodłubańska – Information Specialist

Milena Ugorska-Knapczyk – Specialist for local development and communication