Słowińska Fisheries Group (SGR) is an association the objective of which since 2009 has been to support local development. We began our activity with the implementation of the Operational Programme for the Sustainable Development of Fisheries Sector and Coastal Fishing Areas 2007-2013. Currently, we are implementing two operational programmes which constitute the very basis of our activity:

§ Operational Programme „Fisheries and the Sea” for the years of 2014-2020

§ Operational Programme for the Development of Rural Areas for the years of 2014 – 2020

While implementing the above-mentioned programmes, we support the development of local entrepreneurship by providing grants to citizens who wish to set up or develop their own economic activity, fishermen, non-governmental organisations and units of the territorial self-governments. The basis for the implementation of those programmes is the Local Development Strategy of Słowińska Fisheries Group. This is a document which specifies the main directions of the region’s development which shall be supported in the form of providing grants. Cooperation with and support of fisheries sector is of a great importance to us.

Along with the implementation of provisions of the Local Development Strategy, we conduct other actions which activate local community. Currently, we implement a project called the Centre for Supporting Social Economy in Słupsk sub-region financed from the sources of the Regional Operational Programme of the Pomeranian Province for the years of 2014-2020. The aim of the project is developing and promoting subjects of social economy – including non-governmental organisations (foundations and associations), units of territorial self-government and reintegration subjects.

We are also a Partner in the project called Restoration of historical values of the Old Fishing Village through securing and exposition of St. Nicolaus Church ruins as well as granting the region the character of a tourist product – in which we conduct actions connected with preparation of information materials and, in addition, the implementation of the Old Fishing Village into Słowiński Fisheries Trail. Słowiński Fisheries Trail was created by Słowińska Fisheries Group in 2012. It is a tourist product which is based on the cooperation of 20 subjects supporting the development of local tourist services connected with fishery, water and natural potential of the region.

In addition, within the implementation of various other projects, we support the sector of non-governmental organisations and participate in numerous activities for the benefit of children.

Słowińska Fisheries Group has around 120 members belonging to the public, social and economic sectors. It covers the area of six communes: urban Ustka, rural Ustka, Słupsk, Kobylnica, Kępice and Smołdzino. The Group operates in an area famous for its natural diversity. The Baltic Sea is the greatest local asset but there are also lakes, marshes and dunes. Here you can also find rare flora and fauna species, especially birds. The area’s strength is its complex history which has left traces mostly in the form of architectonic heritage. The stormy history of our area caused it to become the breeding place of many cultures: Slovincian, Kashubian and even that of Eastern borderlands.

Main statutory goals:

  • sustainable development of the SGR area of ​​activity,
  • improving the quality of life in the area of ​​SGR operations,
  • initiating and supporting activities carried out on the basis of partnership,
  • social, professional and economic activation of residents in the area of ​​operation
  • counteracting unemployment and preventing social exclusion of the inhabitants of the area,
  • supporting the diversification of economic activity,
  • supporting the development of education of residents,
  • social, professional and economic activation of residents,
  • supporting the development of education of residents in the area of ​​activity of the Slovincian Fishery Trail.