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About us

The Słowińska Fishery Group (SFG) is an association established for the implementation of the Local Strategy for Fisheries Development which is based on three main objectives: to enhance the area's attractiveness for residential purposes, to reinforce the area's tourist functions, and to preserve the economically viable fishing sector. The Group's tasks are to inform about opportunities to obtain financial support for projects within the Operational Programme “Sustainable Development of the Fishing Industry and Coastal Fishing Communities for the period 2007–2013”, to organise submission of applications for financing operations within the fish programme and to collaborate with other Polish and international organisations for areas dependent on fishing.

SFG has around 200 members belonging to the public, social and economic sectors. It covers the area of seven communes: urban Ustka, rural Ustka, Słupsk, Kobylnica, Kępice, Smołdzino and Postomino.

The Group operates in an area famous for its natural diversity. The Baltic Sea is the greatest local asset but there are also lakes, marshes and dunes. Here you can also find rare flora and fauna species, especially birds.

The area's strength is its complex history which has left traces mostly in the form of architectonic heritage. The stormy history of our area caused it to become the breeding place of many cultures: Slovincian, Kashubian and even that of Eastern borderlands.

The area's specific conditions led to the development of two main business sectors. The first is tourism which uses the local microclimate, the sea, the lakes and the many natural parks and reserves. Each year the seaside is visited by thousands of tourists from Poland and abroad. This is why SFG aims to support the development of tourism – to modernise the infrastructure, to create accommodation and catering facilities and to expand cultural opportunities.

The area's other business sector is fishing: catching fish, fish farming and breeding as well as processing fish products. There is a rich local fishing tradition with many families working in the trade for generations. This is why it is among SFG's priorities to cooperate with representatives of the fishing sector, which aims not only at improving their working conditions but also to help them find new sources of income while on the other hand to preserve the culture related to their trade.

The Słowińska Fishery Group also supports other areas of activity. The Association's goals are presented below.

General objectives
1.  To enhance the area's attractiveness for residential purposes 2.  To reinforce the area's tourist functions 3. To preserve the economically viable fishing sector
Specific objectives

A. To preserve the assets of nature and the landscape

Means to reach the goal: Future oriented investments – building the area's image and brand

B. To reinforce local identity and activate local residents

C. To promote the area covered by the strategy

H. To develop the fishing infrastructure

I. To develop services for the fishing sector. Better marketing for fishing products

J. To diversify sources of income for people associated with the fishing sector

D. To develop the public services sector

E. To develop the social infrastructure and to make multifunctional use of public space

F. To develop the tourist infrastructure

G. To improve the quality and diversity of tourist services

The Słowińska Fishery Group strives to reach these objectives by using funds from the Fish Operational Programme 2007–2013, by activating local residents as beneficiaries and with numerous initiatives supporting areas dependent on fishing.

Operacja współfinansowana przez Unię Europejską ze środków finansowych Europejskiego Funduszu Rybackiego zapewniającą inwestycje w zrównoważone rybołówstwo.